Our Products

We stand behind our products with a freshness guarantee.

Milk & Creams

Available in gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints.

Whole Milk - Gallon

Whole Milk

Reduced Fat Milk - Gallon

Reduced Fat 2% Milk Fat

Low Fat Milk - Gallon

Reduced Fat 1% Milk Fat

Fat Free Milk - Gallon

Fat Free Milk

Heavy Cream - Quart

Heavy Cream

Half & Half - Half Gallon

Half & Half

Light Cream - Half Gallon

Light Cream

Chocolate Milk - Pint

Chocolate Milk

Fruit Drinks & Orange Juice

We produce Orange Juice and several different flavors of Fruit Drinks in house.

Orange Juice - Gallon

Orange Juice

Fruit Punch - Gallon

Fruit Punch

Grape Drink - Gallon

Grape Drink

Lemon Iced Tea - Gallon

Lemon Iced Tea

Orange Drink - Gallon

Orange Drink

Pink Lemonade - Gallon

Pink Lemonade

Wild Berry Punch - Gallon

Wild Berry Punch

Blue Raspberry - Gallon

Blue Raspberry

By Products

Midland Farms offers a wide variety of items to our customers such as a variety of flavors of Tampico, gallon Water, Eggs, Whipped Cream & Nestle NesQuick just to name a few. We can out source special requested items as well. Midland Farms also carries seasonal items such as Egg Nog and Cider. Please inquire about special items through our CONTACT US page!