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Commonly Asked Questions About Milk

Commonly Asked Questions About Milk

Isn’t Milk Fattening?

Overweight results from consuming too many calories and getting too little exercise. There are a variety of milks with different calorie and fat contents. Take a look at the Nutrition Facts labels on milks. Fat-free milk, for example, has only 80 calories, no fat and all the calcium of other milks.

What is Skim Milk?

Skim Milk is a fat free milk that has a significant reduction in butter fat. Ex. whole milk contains 3.25% of butter fat; whereas skim milk has no more than 0.01% of butter fat.

Should I be concerned about giving my child chocolate milk?

No. Chocolate milk is just as nutritious as unflavored milk. Both milks are excellent sources of calcium, a nutrient low in many children’s diets. Because kids like chocolate milk, they are more likely to consume this beverage and, at the same time, boost their calcium intake. There is no scientific evidence that drinking chocolate milk increases children’s caffeine intake causes hyperactivity or contributes to tooth decay.

If I’m lactose intolerant, should I avoid milk?

Not necessarily. Many individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose (milk’s sugar) can consume a glass or two of milk a day with meals with few, if any, symptoms. Smaller portions of milk (4 oz) consumed more often may be better tolerated. Lactose-reduced or lactose-free milks are also an option. Lactose-reduced milk contains about 70% less lactose than regular milk. Lactose-free milk is 100% lactose reduced.intake causes hyperactivity or contributes to tooth decay.

When can infants be fed cow’s milk?

Infants can be fed whole milk, not lowfat or reduced-fat milks, beginning at 12 months of age, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Whole milk is recommended for toddlers until at least 2 years of age. After 2 years of age, lowfat milk may be fed, depending on the child caloric needs. Check with your doctor regarding the best choice of milk for your child.

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